Health & Safety Resources

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Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up

For the protection and safety of your child and all the children at San Mateo Park School, we request your cooperation on the following:

Adult supervision begins at 8:00 am on the back yard for students in 4th and 5th Grades only. For the safety of your children please ensure that they are not at school prior to 8:00 am.  Adult supervision begins at 8:10 am on the small yard for students in 1st through 3rd Grades only.  Traffic in front of the school is very congested at arrival and dismissal times. If you plan to drop off or pick up your child please be sure not to block other cars or buses.

Please obey the following vehicle code regulations at all designated drop-off/pick-up areas:

  1. Park outside of the drop-off zone.
  2. Be sure not to double-park.
  3. Park away from the red zone.
  4. The parking lot is only used for staff, not for turning around.

The City of San Mateo will give violation notices to vehicles not obeying the vehicle code regulation.

Roundabout Safety

What is a roundabout? There are many roundabouts, often referred to as "islands" in the San Mateo Park neighborhood. A roundabout is a one-way, circular intersection without traffic signal equipment in which traffic flows counter clockwise around a center island.

All roundabout have these regulations

Yield-at-entry: You can think of it as a 4-way stop: the first car to the intersection has the right-of-way. If two cars arrive simultaneously, a driver should yield to the car on the right.

Traffic entering the circle yields to traffic already in the circle.

First come, first served. Vehicles entering or exiting the roundabout must yield to vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. When you approach a roundabout, slow down as you approach the intersection. Enter the roundabout when there is a big enough gap in traffic and proceed with caution.



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Please check our website for updates and news about upcoming Family Fitness Nights at Park School.

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