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Every class at Park School (preschool through fifth grade) enjoys a weekly library class. The library time is 30 minutes per class (shorter for preschool). Library time includes reading and discussion time as well as time for the students to select and check out books. Children in Kindergarten through 2nd Grades are allowed to check out one book each week while 3rd through 5th Graders may check out two books. Library discussion topics include use of the library (i.e. finding books proficiently), character trait of the month, relevant holidays, seasonal and current news topics, and a monthly class on animal science.


Mrs. Roeckel is a former Park School student and Park parent! During the course of the nine years that her two sons attended Park School, Mrs. Roeckel was the Art in Action liaison for five years, and on the Site Council for six years; she was the Site Council Chair person for five years and chaired eight Book Fairs. Mrs. Roeckel volunteered in every one of her son's classrooms and enjoyed every moment! When her second son graduated 5th Grade it was the perfect transition time for Mrs. Roeckel to join the Park School Staff. Mrs. Roeckel combines her love of science and nature with her love of books and works to engage every student during their library class. Sometimes she brings a special creature to help inform and delight the students.