Kindergarten - Mrs. Marsh

Kindergarten - Mrs. Marsh

Every Thursday morning, Miss Lisa (Logan’s mom) brings Next Generation Science to life in Room 31! Looking a bit like Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus, she brings mysterious boxes containing a variety of materials to teach our class scientific concepts.

The scientists in Mrs. Marsh’s class studied living and nonliving things. We took a walk to a wooded island and collected items that were living and nonliving in that area. We learned that it’s alive if it can eat and breathe and grow.

Comparing earthworms to gummy worms and plastic worms, we observed the structures and behaviors of these interesting creatures. I know that worms typically have a low reputation with humans but this investigation turned all that around! The students were cautious to handle the worms with the same care accorded to any living thing.

children in classroom working       Next, we focused on the movement and behavior of these worms as we built “Lego mazes”. We noticed how the worm’s body contracts and stretches to move forward. We observed the worms to see if they can move in other directions. We tried blocking the worm’s path to see what it does. All these experiences with earthworms expanded the students' understanding of the way animals live and created a further appreciation for living creatures great or small.

 And speaking of small creatures, owls eat mice, snakes, insects, and birds. Did you know that owls cannot chew their food? They “cough up” what they cannot digest in pellets. The pellets usually contain fur and bones as we discovered when each scientist in room 31 dissected their very own owl pellet. With anticipation and excitement, the students picked and pulled out different bones from their pellet.  They learned what kinds of food their owl had eaten. Using a bone chart, the children identified and matched the type of animal the owl had eaten and where the bone was located-skull bones, femur, jaw bones, etc. Placing the bones in a plastic container, the children anxiously took their bones and remaining owl pellet home to further investigate.

 We can’t wait until next Thursday! Until then, stay curious!

Kindergarten - Mrs. Marsh

Beth Marsh