5th Grade - Mrs. Houston

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Welcome to 5th grade in Room 34 with Mrs. Houston.  Our daily schedule looks like this:

8:10-8:20am Attendance/classroom pledge/agenda

8:20-9:10am Homework review and EnVision Math 

9:10-9:35am (M, T, Th, F) Physical Education

9:40-10:30am Science or Social Studies(Library Tuesday@9:55am)

10:30-10:50am  RECESS

10:55am-12:30pm  Language Arts, ELD, Writing

12:30-1:30pm LUNCH

1:30-1:45pm Read and Planner/homework 

1:45-2:35pm Reading Groups/Independent work/Writing

2:35-2:45pm Classroom jobs, prepare for dismissal

2:45-2:55pm Read aloud

Wednesday is a minimum day with 12:34pm dismissal.  We do not have Physical Education but we start our day with Instrumental Music(a 5th grade requirement). Language Arts is our focus so we spend most of the morning on reading and writing lessons(and ELD) as well as sneak in a math lesson.